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Community Groups

CodeZoned is based on WhatsApp and Gitter so that real time interaction among the members can take place. We mainly discuss stuffs related to, Competitive Programming, Development Programming and Open Source Contributions. Google Summer of Code is the central part of discussion in Open Source.Resources for Computer Science and Mathematics are shared on the group on a daily basis. For joining the Community Groups, just drop a message here with your contact number.


Trivia is a problem solving event. One problem on each day is to be solved by the interested ones and submit their answers at the link. Particiption is open for anybody. To participate click or tap here. You can view the collection of problems which were a part of trivia here.

Resources and Problems

To view the collection of resources shared in the community groups till now, click or tap here.


Some cool blogs for Computer Science, which you can follow!

Theory of Programming

Author: Vamsi Sangam, Software Engineer at Microsoft Inida

Algorithms Weekly

Author: Petr Mitrichev

The joy of playing with numbers

Author: Kunal Borse, Student at IIT Kharagpur

Technical Blog of NITH

Author: Codemons, Coding Club of NIT Hamirpur